About Us


The Products

When coming to write about , the first word that comes to mind is uniqueness.
This divine store offers a wide range of unique artwork, Judaica pieces, paintings, jewelry and more. These beautiful designs are made from a variety of materials including a hand painted Paper-Mache range.

The entire collection we offer is made by excellent Israeli artists who give each piece the care, attention and individuality it deserves thus producing amazing creations, handcrafted to perfection. Many of these artists work exclusively with our store making it the only place in the world where you can purchase their work. This, together with the fact that no two pieces are alike, guarantees that these magnificent works of art are truly one of a kind.


The Store

Our beautiful store is a place of tranquility, designed to give you a sense of calm, beauty and authenticity. It is situated in the center of Jerusalem, near the Zion square. This area, a popular site for tourists and locals alike, is known for its many art and jewelry stores.
However,  truly stands out as a place offering unique products which cannot be found elsewhere.

Since 2007, our greatest aspiration is to continually provide our customers with exclusive artwork of rare quality and beauty. So the next time you want to purchase an extraordinary piece of art,   is definitely the best choice for you.

We look forward to serving you and providing you with an amazing experience you will surely not forget.

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